Blood and Jade

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Blood and Jade

Ride into battle with a Goddess, uncover court intrigue, become a master of martial arts, and unify China in this epic MMORPG.

Have you ever seen a game which doesn't require a lot of input, but is entertaining nonetheless? Blood and Jade focusus on the storyline, and not so much on the journey. The world of Blood & Jade is big, so if you don't feel like walking all those miles yourself, you can just hit the 'auto pathing' button and you can see your character move on its own to whatever quest you have. Whether it is talking to someone and claiming a reward or walking towards dire wolf to kill: if you don't feel like it, you don't have to search for yourself. Blood & Jade is arguably a game for the more 'lazy' players, but that's fine because the storyline and graphics make up for it. And if you want to control your character, you can as well.

Below, JensMMO plays with the Goddesses of Blood & Jade. If you ask him, he'll say this is an original game which doesn't know his equal!

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Published by Reality Squared Games